Tezzaree El-Amin Champion

Tezzaree El-Amin Champion is a vibrant entrepreneur, author, investor, and keen visionary with a refined knowledge of business across various industries alongside seven years’ business experience. Tezzaree is the owner of champion property services, a real estate firm in Minneapolis and a part-owner of a Mexican restaurant. A proven leader, over the years, he has used his knowledge as a valuable resource to raise businesses. Tezzaree draws upon his industry knowledge to help businesses transition from one stage of success to the other. He is dedicated to leveraging his wealth of experience and business wits to bring their goals to fruition. Whether you are new, aspiring, or an aficionado in the field, Tezzaree will assist you in seeking solutions that will lead to your business growth.



Kyndall Johnson is a reputable social media marketer with quality years of experience in helping people get their goods and services known to several people across the world using a unique and effective social media marketing strategy.
Kyndall Johnson acquired experience in the advertisement industry, working as an intern with Fallon, which is one of the world-class advertisement agencies. Due to an unending passion for marketing and the desire to help people market their products and services to the world in a digital age, Kyndall established MediaBoost360, which had become a respected and fast growing agency, providing several clients with different businesses a complete advertisement solution. With his remarkable skills, he was able to grow the company to the worth of $100,000 annual gross revenue within 12 months. He has helped several businesses, and can help make your business achieve great results through his skills.


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